Some reviews from past and current clients

We hired New Growth Digital to help us to integrate social media into our campaign for NAR 1st Vice President 2017. They did amazing work in setting up our campaign’s social media strategy. New Growth Digital has an expert level of knowledge about effective strategies that involve new social media web technologies. Their focused approach helped us to implement a highly effective social media strategy. I can highly recommend New Growth Digital for a no-nonsense, highly effective and interactive social media strategy that will help any organization exceed their social media goals. They provided our campaign team with a solid approach to social media that we didn’t know existed. They were able to show us the best ways to utilize all social media platforms in a way that was fun & engaging, and that made our working relationship very enjoyable.

Melissa Lutz

I’m writing to commend New Growth Digital on their keen understanding of what it takes to optimize a website functionality for any user! They performed design and content articles which were articulate and germane to our member’s industry needs!

Al Ingraham

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