Social Media Services

Social Media Services

We provide social media services for companies and associations looking to improve their online presence. A strong social media presence helps member and customer engagement helping your message reach the target audience; your members; your customers.

Our social media services currently include:

  • Daily posting including content allocation as well as the incorporation of internal material.
  • Image optimization for clarity and aesthetics.
  • Access to licensed stock photos.
  • Profile/account optimization and/or set-up.
  • Social media paid advertising services.
  • Content marketing promotion. (Blog posts, articles, or videos)


Facebook is the largest social media platform. Having success here is key to your social media strategy. We provide a mixture of organic posts and paid promotions, allowing you to reap the most benefits from your Facebook marketing strategy. The platform hosts all content imaginable giving you ample space and a large userbase to promote your message.


The Twitter platforms thrives on news content, informational content, and internal business or association material. Although Twitter has much more spam and false accounts it still holds are large user base well worth incorporating into your social media strategy. This platform is robust in both the older and younger generations.


LinkedIn is the social media platform business professionals pride themselves on. It has a much different feel from the other platforms. It consists of more content focused on the world of business. LinkedIn’s purpose is to give career professionals an online place to network. The platform does, however, pose a great benefit to companies and associations as they can target audiences in a similar career field.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms in the industry and the favorite among NGD staff. It is widely growing with the boomer population and already has hundreds of millions of millennials already hooked. The Instagram platform is much different from other platforms, as it only hosts images and videos. With our mixture of high-quality images, videos, and article to image content strategy we have an incredibly successful rate of gaining high-quality followers (fewer bots).

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