Maryland Digital Marketing Agency

New Growth Digital founded in February 2016 is a Baltimore, Maryland digital marketing agency serving businesses and associations nationwide. Though our company is young, our President E. Michael Davis III has served the digital marketing community since 2012. We pride ourselves in implementing personalized social media and content marketing services; providing a unique touch to every social media post and article written.

Our company specializes in real estate association digital marketing as well as industry-specific digital marketing. Online marketing is our passion. We enjoy every day of work and pride ourselves on our ability to add quality material to the internet.

We have been pleased to work with so many great associations and businesses and are proud to say we have yet had an unsuccessful campaign. As a small business, we provide a personal touch to our work. We do not use any posting bots or automated responses. Every post, message, or comment is responded to by an NGD staff member.

Personalized Service

When we implement a paid advertising campaign, we first sit and have a roundtable discussion to arrive on an ad set that connects with its target audience. Our business is relatable and informative material.

We hope you will soon join the NGD family and allow us to serve your member or consumer base with unique and specific digital marketing services.

Our Clients

Roofing Contractor in Baltimore, MD