Greater Baltimore Board of REALTORS

Facebook and Twitter

LinkedIn and Instagram

In efforts to deliver GBBR’s messages to a larger quantity of their membership we ran social media testing that has lead us to believe approximately ¾ or 75% of GBBR’s members can be reached with one or more internal GBBR messages/posts (like the bull roast for example) at least once a week, provided the paid advertising budget allows.

In combination with the very helpful internal content provided by GBBR starting January and the retargeting campaign launched in the previous months we are pleased to provide you with some of your best analytics. Analytics that reflect reach and engagement of the GBBR membership.

To provide the most accurate representation of GBBR’s social media performance, the analytics listed in this report cover the one month gap during New Growth Digital’s contract negotiation through January 31st.

Facebook reach definition:

Post reach is the number of people who have seen your post. Your post counts as reaching someone when it’s shown in News Feed. Figures are for the first 365 days after a post was created and include people viewing your post on desktop and mobile.

Facebook engagement definition:

Engagement is a major factor in Facebook’s News Feed algorithm. This algorithm determines which News Feeds your posts are displayed in and, ultimately, how many users you’re able to reach.

When users engage, the actions they take appear in their timelines and those of their friends, making their connection with your brand visible to others. That exposure contributes to awareness for your brand.

Please note: Between 10/10 and 10/31 there was an abnormal boost in performance due to events GBBR had planned during this time frame. (REALTOR® Fair & Installation)

Twitter impressions definition:

When a tweet has been delivered to the Twitter stream of a user.

Twitter engagement definition:

Number of times a user clicked on a link, retweeted a tweet, liked a tweet, or replied to a tweet.

Please note: GBBR’s current Twitter campaign is 100% organic (no paid advertising).

LinkedIn Reach Definition:

LinkedIn’s reach is defined by the number of times your post was placed into a user’s stream.

LinkedIn engagement definition:

LinkedIn engagement is defined by the number of users who click on your content, username, or logo; in addition to number of users who have liked, commented on, or shared your post.

Please note: GBBR’s LinkedIn campaign is a 100% organic (no paid advertising).

Instagram is a brand-new campaign for GBBR. We started this campaign on 10/10/2016, the beginning of New Growth Digital’s second contract period. The GBBR account was created prior, but had not been used.

Instagram Follower Definition:

An Instagram follower is a user who follows your account with the ability to view, like, and comment on any photo you post.

Instagram Engagement Definition:

Instagram engagement is defined by the number of users who like or comment on your posts.

Google+ is a rarely used social media platform however; it is linked to your search listing on Google and your listing in Google maps. It also plays a small role in SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. GBBR’s G+ page is being updated with posts regularly, which helps keep GBBR’s listing with Google more relevant, but is not a platform for which we currently provide analytics.

Thank you for putting your trust in us and allowing New Growth Digital to provide you with online marketing services and consultation. We have greatly enjoyed working with The Greater Baltimore Board of REALTORS® and hope to continue serving you in the future.

Data providing these results are based on registered member contact information and the latest social media statistics. Approximately 2,100 registered members are recognized by Facebook with approximately 1,850 reached over a one week period. An additional 600 registered members can be reached with the latest added social media platform Instagram. After factoring the additional reach of organic traffic on all 5 platforms in addition to the 3 paid Facebook and Instagram targeting groups we believe approximately 3,000 of GBBR’s 4,000 members can be delivered one or more messages over the time span of one week via social media.